Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ruby's Birth Story Part 1

(Bodily Fluids discussed…don't read if that sort of stuff bothers you. Recorded for my memory!) Despite going into pre-term labor at 35 weeks it wasn't looking like Ruby would be arriving before her due date. I had been having painful contractions for several weeks. At my 37 week appointment I was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced, I had all the signs that labor was approaching, but no baby. For example I had been having diarrhea for two weeks straight, I had lost my appetite, and the weekend after my 37 week appointment I started leaking the GROSSEST snot like discharge, it was kind of freaking me out and I was starting to wonder if instead of a cute baby girl I was going to give birth to a giant ball of snot…Anyways it ended up being my mucus plug and from what I read labor could start as soon as a few HOURS after passing your mucus plug. Well…it didn't and at my 38 week appointment I was at a 4, but my doctor decided to strip my membranes (which hurt like a -insert bad word here-)!! Annie (my doctor) said she got a really good sweep and if it was going to help push along labor it would happen within 24-48 hours after the sweep. My doctors appointment was on a Thursday and I cramped and contracted steadily until Monday night when I was sure I was going to die because the contractions hurt so bad. I took a warm bath and it wasn't really helping…I actually couldn't get OUT of the tub I was so paralyzed by the pain that I had to call Chris on the phone to have him come home and help me get out…pretty pathetic. Chris was all for going to L&D but I had already had 3 false alarms that ended up resulting in painful shots to stop labor and a raging UTI so I really didn't want to go in just to come home empty handed again. I was determined to not go to the hospital until either my water broke or the morning my induction was scheduled on July 28th. I called my doctors office Monday because I needed to fill a prescriptions and my doctor hollered in the back ground that she wanted to see me Tuesday morning which seemed like a pain considering I'd be in just two days later for my induction. Well, I went to the appointment Tuesday morning with both boys in tow. The nurses at my office are so sweet and always keep them entertained when I'm not able to find a babysitter. Well Annie did an ultrasound and was shocked at how LOW baby's head was, she then put her hand on my belly and asked if I could feel the contractions I was having, I answered yes nonchalantly…I mean I'd been having contractions so often already I was kind of over it lol. She commented again that I'd had 3 in the past 6 minutes. I kind of wasn't phased, but then she checked me and was like, "Girl you are a 6! Let's go have a baby!" She wanted me to head straight to the hospital, but I had both boys so I first had to drop them off at my friend Lacey's and grab my things. I called Chris to tell him it was "baby time" and he kind of freaked out haha! He was like "Uh-Uh should I come home?" I was like "UMMM YES! If you want to meet your daughter!" So the race was on...

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