Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's true, "love is multiplied-not divided."

Jack & I have always had a special bond. Chris left for basic training when Jack was barely one years old. We relied on each other for 5 months without daddy around & instead of crying all the time I focused on being the best mom I could be to Jack. I think this is where our bond really solidified & though it wasn't ideal I'm grateful for that time alone we had. I never thought I could love someone as much as Jack or even close to equally...until Ben was born. Crazy how quickly you can love someone, especially when they are your child. Ben has my heart every bit as much as Jack does. I can't explain how completely in love I am with these boys who rule my life, but I wouldn't change these crazy, at times stressful, messy, exhausting, & utterly fulfilling life of raising my little guys for anything in the world!


Newlyweds4Ever+2 said...

Britt. I haven't been reading blogs lately. It's fun to kind of "catch up" by reading this. I'm so glad you have your two cute boys. No doubt they will bless your lives for as long as they exist. They have one amazing momma. Love you. Jess.

Danielle said...

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